About Imperial Pets 

At Imperial Pets we aim to provide a great range of pet products and services that are of the highest quality, as we understand that as a nation of animal lovers, we are becoming more and more conscious over the health and well-being of our beloved pets. 
Imperial Pets offers a unique mobile service by delivering products to your door. Free delivery is given to customers in CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4 and CH5 post code areas when placing orders of £10 or more. So if you can’t find the time to pop out to get your furry kids their favourite meal, a new collar or toy, then Imperial Pets can save you the hassle by bringing it to you! We will also deliver up to 20 miles from our base in Saltney, Chester but this is subject to the minimum order of £20, so please contact us before ordering. Delivery by courier or Royal Mail is available for orders placed outside our delivery area. 
We sell nothing but the best quality food, treats and accessories for your pampered pooches and mollycoddled kitties. We strive to offer a range of unique items of which most you won't find in any human or pet supermarket. Providing quality products along with an added personal friendly service is what we want to achieve. If you are looking for something specific that we don't have online, just drop us a message or give us a call and we will do our best to order it for you especially. 

About Claire 

I founded Imperial Pets in July 2015. I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2005, and have worked in many different practices around the country as a locum. I even volunteered for 10 days working in St.Lucia to assist with the neutering of stray cats and dogs which was such a great experience. 
I decided to set up my own company with my passion being to sell nothing but the best in terms of high quality pet food and accessories so that all those pampered pets out there can benefit from a better quality of life, and I’ve not looked back since! I am enjoying this exciting new challenge, and I love doing it and meeting lots of new people and their adorable pets! 
We have 3 cats, all of whom I adopted from Veterinary practices in which I have worked over the past few years. Local residents of Saltney may be familiar with one of our cats who sadly passed away in january 2017, as he was rather famous! Our Brutus the Morrisons Cat has well over 10,000 likes on Facebook! We also have a very small and incredible adorable Chihuahua called Poppy. They are such important parts of our lives and I’d like to share their own stories with you. 


In 2007 while working night shifts for a Veterinary hospital in Derby, a 5 year old female tabby cat was brought in by her owners after being run over. She unfortunately suffered fractures on both sides of her pelvis and needed expensive surgery to repair the damage. Having just returned from visiting my Grandad in hospital in Kent after he had a life threatening fall at his care home (which was very hard for me to make the decision to leave to go back to work), I looked after "Fizz" for a couple of nights but was then distraught to discover that this sweet affectionate cat was due to be put to sleep as her owners could not afford the expensive surgery. It broke my heart, and I couldn’t let this happen. I offered to adopt her and pay toward her surgery and her owners were more than happy for this as they didn’t want to put her to sleep, but their circumstances left them with no other choice. She had her surgery and all was well. I took her home on cage rest for 6 weeks and she now lives with a plate and a screw in her hips. She’s now 13 and I renamed her Dizzy, and she really does live up to her name! My Grandad sadly passed away a couple of days after I decided to go back to work. I was devastated, but I know that if I hadn’t gone back when I did, Dizzy would not be here either. She lets me know every day by her constant chirping and following me around how grateful she is for me saving her life! 


Later that same year in 2007, after having Dizzy for 3 months already, I got another locum nurse job at a charity hospital in Liverpool. One day a box of tiny 4 week old tabby and white kittens were brought in after being found dumped. There were 5 of them. They were slightly dehydrated and far too young to be away from their mother, but all the nurses were more than happy to feed them and fuss them! One of the nurses decided to adopt two of the kittens and after they had been given the ok, she took them home. I also decided to adopt one of the kittens. She was so small and pretty with a little white triangle on her face, white legs and a white belly with grey spotty sides and she just fit in the palm of my hand. I named her Dotty due to her markings. I took her home and was surprised to see that she was starting to eat her solid kitten food like a horse! She’d climb completely into the bowl and stuff her little face and cover her white nose with food! I had to bath her every time she ate! Sadly, the first two kittens adopted by the other nurse both died unexpectedly. Dotty however was doing great, but the other two of her siblings weren’t so lucky, and we think that they had been left without their mother too long and were maybe already weaker than the others. Dotty had different ideas however, and she’s a little madam! She’s now 8 years old but still acts like a cheeky little kitten and loves sleeping in the sink and drinking from the tap, so she obviously wasn’t that traumatised by me bathing her in the sink as a tiny kitten! 

Brutus ("the Morrisons Cat") 

Some of you may know Brutus! He was our resident celebrity cat here in Saltney! Otherwise known as Brutus "the Morrisons Cat". His Facebook page has over 12,000 likes from all over the world! His story with us started in 2008, again when I was working at a Veterinary Practice, this time in Knutsford. He was brought in to the surgery after he was found in the street being kicked about by some kids. He didn’t appear to have been too affected by this however as after the vet had given him the all clear, he soon made himself at home in his cage where we kept a close eye on him. He didn’t like being caged in though, and would poke his paw out the cage to try to open it! Nobody came to claim him, so I adopted him. 
We moved to Saltney in 2009 and soon discovered that he was crossing the road to the site which is now Morrison’s, before it was built in 2010. He used to spend his days catching mice, rats and once brought home a duck! (It was fine by the way, we released it back into the river!) When Morrison’s was built he continued to visit and enjoyed meeting all these people that fussed and fed him, so he’d spend more and more time over there, which was good for our neighbours too as he’s also started to sneak into their houses and cause mischief! Those stories are for another time when I decide to write a book about him, but they involve a leg of lamb and a tin of paint! He started to get lots of attention at Morrisons and ended up being in the local newspaper a few times, along with mentions on our local radio station Chester's Dee 106.3, Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 show, articles in Your Cat magazine and a German cat magazine called Geliebte Katze and he’s also been in the Mail Online! He has thousands of adoring fans from all over the world, and local fans who'd visit Morrison’s sometimes just to see him. He brought happiness and smiles to so many people. 
Sadly, in October 2014 he was diagnosed with a condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease, which he would have had from birth passed to him by his mother or father, and devastatingly, there was no cure. We managed this for over 2 years by feeding him a special diet, and daily medication. The 31st December 2016 was the final time he would ever visit Morrisons. On 16th January 2017, Brutus passed away peacefully at home. He was 8 years old. I was holding him and he didn't suffer. Everyone had done their best to give him the best chance possible and our thanks go to his vet Ben Jones, and the vets and nurses at Chester Gates Animal Hosptal. 
Due to Brutus' overwhelming popularity, we decided to have a memorial made of him. We raised £5,000 and had a bronze statue made of him which is situated in the foyer of morrisons. The unveiling took place in September 2017 and TV personalily, comedian and DJ Ted Robbins kindly offered to unveil his statue. His very talented sister Jane Robbins made this wonderful tribute to him. The remaining funds we raised were donated to Chester Kitty Cat Rescue and Ark Angels, both Chester based animal charities. The story of his statue was mentioned in all the local papers as well as well as the Metro and on page 3 of the i newspaper! 
His pawprints will forever be in our hearts. We miss you our Brutus Bear. 
You can still follow Brutus on Facebook at facebook.com/brutusthesaltneycat 
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