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Animate Flashing LED Band £11.00

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USB Rechargeable Flashing Band 
Available in Orange, Black, Green and Blue 
Size: 70cm - can be cut down to the appropriate size to suit the neck size of your pet (simply cut after the scissor mark). 
An excellent way of keeping your dog illuminated on dark winter nights. 
One size fits all 
Set contains: 1 x LED illuminated tube 1 x USB cable 
visibility distance approx 500 meters (depending on amount of charge the item has). 
LED illuminated tube has 3 settings, it can be set to flash slowly, flash quickly or static. 
When set to either of the flashing settings, the operating time for the light is approx 2 hours. 
When set to a static light, the approx operating time is 1.5 hours.  
Product is water resistant and made of high quality materials (silicon).  
Does not require batteries as is re-chargeable by use of a USB cable. 
Wipe the LED illuminated tube with a soft, dry cloth. 
Protect the device from heat, keep between 10C - 40C. 
Protect the product from external mechanical influences such as impacts or dropping. 
Refrain from using rough or abrasive cleaning products to prevent scratching. 
Check condition of product before use, never use if appears to have any defects. 
Do not use if the LED illuminated tube has fallen into water, if it is damaged or has been dropped. 
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