PAWW - Pick Pocket Pouch - Large £10.00

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Introducing the ultimate accessory for rope or webbing leashes. The Pick Pocket Pouch puts a convenient and civilized pickup bag holder/dispenser at the ready on any leash. Forget those clunky bag dispensers that bounce all over the place -- a universal-fit rear attachment sleeve keeps the Pick Pocket Pouch in place, no matter how excited your dog is to be out for a walk. An elastic loop at the bottom lets you clip on a carabiner or safety light, or use it to hold the knotted end of your used pickup bag. Responsible dog ownership has never been so easy, or looked so good. 
The best selling Pick Pocket Pouch now has a little brother. It's big enough for a couple folded "emergency" pickup bags, some cash, or a house key, but small enough that it doesn't get in the way when you're out for a walk or run with your dog. ID tags jangling? Put our small pouch on your dog's collar and stash the tags inside -- an integrated tether clip makes sure they stay there, even if the pouch opens unexpectedly. Designed to work in conjunction with the larger Pick Pocket Pouch or on its own, so go ahead and customize your ideal setup! 
Overall length (total fabric size, not indicative of space inside after stitching):  
- Large: 4.75" (12.1cm); with elastic loop and secure Velcro 6" (15.2cm) 
Maximum width (total fabric size, not indicative of space inside after stitching): 
- Large: 2.375" (.9cm)  
Materials: High-denier, abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric  
- Large: One pocket for bag holder & dispenser (has dispensing slot on the side) 
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